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The First Baptist Church of Neches was organized in 1884, in the community of Nechesville, which was a railroad boom town. For about 25 years, the church shared a building with the Methodists. Then in December of 1908, on a hill that over-looked the town, the congregation built the Baptist church. That building was destroyed by fire in 1939, and then a larger building was dedicated in 1940. That building stood until 1983. The current sanctuary was built in 1980.


Throughout the years this congregation has touched the lives of many families. The church has not been shy about taking up the challenge that God has put before us. The Church has lead out in missions giving over the years and is a leader in giving to the Cooperative Program. First Baptist Church has sent out missionaries around the world and pastors to local churches. We lead out in the 1990s, in the Promise Keepers movement sending men to conferences in Colorado, Dallas, Houston and Washington D.C., as well to other local churches.


Every year the church places a tremendous effort on our VBS program. We reach children across all areas of the community emphasizing the Gospel and the work of Christ. We seek to reach out to the community through theological education with sound Sunday morning Bible studies and home studies. We also have a desire to emphasize discipleship in our studies. We worship through giving back to the community by way of helping those in the area who might need help and, at the same time, share with them the love of Christ. We gather together as a church family for the edification of God and His Church. Our desire is to serve God in whatever direction He might lead us in so that Jesus Christ would receive the honor and glory in whatever we might accomplish through Him.

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